AirAsia Virtual Airlines

"Quality is Better than Quantity!"

AirAsia Virtual (AVA) Is a Virtual Airlines based in Asia, AirAsia Virtual is managed and supported by Nathan Aviation Group (NAG). Previously, AirAsia Virtual Airlines founded by El Vander Makoto on July, 19, 2019. AirAsia have Main HUB in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK/KUL), Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, MY. We know that pilots are the most important aspect of any VA and are always providing new and unique features to help them as fly. With our crew system will help expedite the flight hours update process and will give pilots a new way to book and fly themsleves. Entering 2022, we start activities at new Crew Center, the new Crew Center will make it easier for members to carry out activities at AirAsia VA. AirAsia is one of the best LCC airlines in the world which has many selected routes to destinations on Asia continent with 9 parts operated. Where ‘‘AirAsia’’ as a Regional Connection and ‘‘AirAsia X’’ as liaison to various Countries around in the World.

Why we are different?

AirAsia VA gives you quite a variety of flight routes in many countries in Asia. You will enjoy and experience unforgettable scenery when you fly some of our routes. Such as land the plane at the shortest airport, at airport with difficult approach, at airport with mountains around, at the biggest or bussiest or even the most beautiful airport in real world. We also offer you:


We try to offer an experience that closely by having the same routes


We try to offer a friendly community that you’ll feel right at home.








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