1. Air Asia Virtual (AVA) is not affiliated with Air Asia Group In Real Life.
  2. English must be used in all forms of communication in public and operational channels (Except for Channels that have been provided)
  3. Keep prioritizing School / Work / Business / Family Activities, don't forget the time just because it's for flying. stay productive in daily activities. Don't let your flight become a split between you and other Activities.
  4. Respect to everyone, both in game and in real. Don't create problems with anyone, especially fellow members and IFC.
  5. It is advisable to speak with Courtesy and Manners especially with those who are older than you.
  6. No Bullying or SARA, AVA Strongly condemns SARA to what happened.


  1. Use AVA callsign when flying, Ex: "Red Cap xxxAX"
  2. Keep Professionalism when Fly with AVA. Please fly with existing ToS, both from IF User Guide, and for AVA ToS you can see it in #standard-operating.
  3. Please fly at least 1x per Month, otherwise you will be subject to Activity Check and end up being expelled from AVA Members
  4. It is recommended to fly when you have a Live Subscription, and if you want to request Leave, in this case LOA, Please contact AVA Relevant Staff. To find out Staff, please read Channel #admin In Discord.
  5. If your Live Subscription ends, we invite you to LOA, but as much as possible you should be seen Online in the Official Group, it's Discord.
  6. You must be at least Grade 3 to fill a pirep in AVA.
  7. After registering, within 7 days, must do a Written Test and Flight Test, you can tag admin if you ready to Test in #test-flight .
  8. If you have questions, criticisms and suggestions you can tell us on Channel #ava-pilot-support .
Last Updated : 04 May 2022